Easter Blessings from Father Charles

Dear Brothers & Sisters in Christ,

Happy Easter! Our Lenten journey has ended and the joy of the
Resurrection begins! On this special day, as we join together, we say
‘Welcome’ to: Our Parishioners and their families and friends; Those
who are visiting; Those of different faith traditions; Those from
different countries; and All who are here to celebrate Easter with us.

In a special way we ‘Welcome’ the newly Baptized and newly
Initiated; The young and the young of heart; Newlyweds and new
parents; Our military & first responders; Frontline workers & medical
personnel; Students & educators; Those celebrating their first Easter; and
Those who will be joining with us through our social media venues.

With loving and compassionate hearts, we ‘Welcome’ and extend
our prayers to: Those who have recently lost a loved one; Those who
have lost their jobs; and Those whose futures are uncertain right now.
May our Lord Jesus bring you strength, direction and comfort.

He Is Risen! Alleluia!

Peace, Prayers, & All Good Things,

Fr. Charles, Fr. Roy, and Our Ministry Leadership Team