Building Update – February 2024

FEBRUARY 25, 2024 –

My Dear Sisters & Brothers in Christ,

Since our Parish was established on August 01, 2019 – three major tasks surfaced for the Diocese of Orlando, and for me: (1) Build a local, Catholic Community of Faith in Lake Nona, (2) Design/Construct a first building, and (3) Allocate Diocesan land for future use.

It was understood that all three of these tasks would take several years to accomplish, and I am delighted to share where we stand against each of these objectives today:

(1) We have had a tremendous response with the building of our Community of Faith. As Lake Nona and the
surrounding area continues to grow – so does our Church congregation and Sacramental programs.

(2) A Parish Building Committee was formed shortly after our inception, and the design of our Parish Hall has made
progress, even with all the interruptions.

(3) The allocation of land and planning of the site has been ongoing and extremely involved – and still continues.

First Building Update: The schematic phase of our Parish Hall has been completed and we are entering into the design development stage. The architect is working on interior finishes, lighting requirements, sound system design, and other details. When this is completed, our Parish Building Committee will reconvene to discuss the results, and make recommendations; modifications; and approvals. At some point afterwards, an artist rendering of the project will be presented to the Parish. Then a Capital Campaign will launch to raise money for the new building.

Future Buildings Update: In addition to the Parish Hall, there are projections to build a permanent Church (which will be the closest to Narcoossee Road); and a Catholic Elementary/Middle School. A Catholic High School was also proposed, but will not be included moving forward.

Site Development Update: The site design of the Diocesan property has been the most challenging aspect of the building project due to existing wetlands, floodplain, and stormwater retention, which are all impacted by proposed nearby roadway widening and re-alignments. Based on conversations with multiple jurisdictions, the Diocese says there is a possibility of an extension road to Boggy Creek continuing through the Diocesan campus, and exiting on the North/ East back side, at Clapp Simms Duda Road, where several housing developments are currently underway. This road extension onto Diocesan property will challenge the site development layout; compromise a portion of the land; and re-design/enlarge the main traffic intersection at Narcoossee and Boggy Creek Roads.

Diocesan Property Update: For over 30 years, the Diocese of Orlando has owned approximately 62 acres in Lake Nona (two adjoining parcels – 35 acres on the West (front) side of the campus (Narcoossee), and 27 acres on the East (back) side of campus, – with sizeable frontage on Narcoossee Road and larger frontage on Clapp Simms Duda Road. With the probability of an extension road continuing thru onto Diocesan property – between the two parcels, the Diocese has decided to sell the East (back) side parcel of the campus.

Narcoossee Road Work Update: On the East side of Narcoossee Road, you may notice that a portion of the parcel just South and adjacent to Diocesan property is being cleared. It is projected that this possibly may be a retention pond to the road widening project that will begin at that traffic intersection.

As you can see, a lot has been going on in the past few years. And more exciting things lie ahead! Continue to pray, through the Intercession of our Patroness – Saint Frances Xavier Cabrini – for continued advancement and accomplishment in our journey together, as we build a future for our people in Lake Nona. Lenten Blessings!

Peace, Prayers, and All Good Things,
Fr. Charles