Sunsetting REALM – What It Means For You

When Saint Frances Xavier Cabrini Catholic Church opened in 2019, the Diocese of Orlando was exploring an introductory new data system called REALM – with a small group of Parishes. This exploration group was
intended to determine if REALM would be the next generation of software and the standard solution across the Diocese for records keeping and communication. REALM was positioned to provide new and innovative ways to
connect Church with Parishioners and Parishioners to Parishioners. We were interested in seeing how this would work for us and how it would address the needs of a newly established Parish. Since then, we have been blest (and
continue to be blest) with extraordinary and incredible growth. This growth comes with new sets of needs to ensure we are able to maintain a secure, robust, and seamless experience for you; our Parishioners. Time has proven to us that REALM has been unable to evolve in keeping up with our needs – and it has not produced the results originally promised by the developer – thus making it unsuitable as a next generation standard solution for our Parish.

Over the past few months, in partnership with the Office of Information Systems & Technology at the Diocese, we have been evaluating our current status and other potential providers for Data Management; Communication; Intercommunication; and Online Giving needs. After much conversation and careful consideration, we have decided to move away from REALM as our platform of choice for these needs and will begin the process of
migrating over to a new system, effective May 12, 2022.

We wanted to explain (ahead of time) to you, our Parishioners, what our findings are showing us and that this migration to a new system needs to happen before the Parish gets any larger – so that our record keeping remains manageable. Listed below are the beginning details as to what this migration means to you and what it entails – as we move forward in the coming weeks. Our first step will be to convert and update existing data (asking Parishioners to reverify their Registration Information), and to retailor the online Registration experience at Saint Cabrini. How you
will be impacted by this conversion upgrade will vary, depending on how you currently interact with the different features of REALM.


Our new provider will allow us to continue to communicate with you via the email address we have on-file. If you wish to make changes to your communication preferences, you can do so directly in REALM until May 12, 2022 or by reaching out to us through the “Contact Us” page.

Our new provider does offer the option for a smartphone app. More information about this will come – closer to the conversion date.

Online Giving

We are very grateful to our many Parishioners who choose Online Giving for their offertory contributions to their Church. If you wish to continue this form of commitment to your Parish, there is a modification that will occur.
MyVanco” will become our online service provider – and although this system has always been in the background for our online giving in REALM – all online offertory labeled as ‘recurring’ gifts will be automatically carried over
from REALM to “MyVanco.” Emails will be sent out (May 12th/13th) for you to complete the login update.

We say ‘Thanks’ to our Parishioners and to our Diocese for exploring this journey past – and for your patience in the journey to come. May your continued prayers and support be with your Parish. If you have any questions
about this migration, please feel free to reach out to us via the Contact Us page

Yours in Christ,

Fr. Charles Viviano (Founding Pastor)
Brandon Barkholz (Communications Lead – Saint Cabrini Parish)
Jack Paige (Chief Information Officer – Diocese of Orlando)
Dr. Margarita Casas (Data Manager – Diocese of Orlando)