Pastor’s Reflection – July 25, 2021

My Dear Brothers & Sisters in Christ,

Even though some of us may not particularly like taking a test,
tests are necessary in order to learn, grow, expand our minds, and for
advancement in life. Almost everything that makes us who we are may
involve a test – including, at times, Faith. Faith must be tested for it to
strengthen and increase. God wants us to trust Him more and so this
particular type of test is not about passing or failing, but it’s about having
that opportunity to learn and understand that we can trust God with our
concerns, needs and with the trials of our lives – and that He has the

A Faith that is tested is a Faith that can grow – if we choose for it to
grow. In the Gospel this weekend (John 6: 1-15), Jesus is training the
disciples, and He is strengthening their faith by giving them a test. How?
With the foundation of God’s Word as a basis, He wants them to see the
wonderful things that God can do in their lives – and through them – by
asking a very simple question, “Where shall we buy bread for these people
to eat?” (John 6:5). Jesus also wanted His disciples to think of the available
options that were at their disposal – and how they might be creative in
putting their trust in God as they were being tested.

God gives us the foundation that we need for life and, if we are
open to receiving it, always gives us an answer that might very well be
better than ours – but not necessarily easier. The true test is how we
interpret and apply it. This will allow us to respond with increased
spirituality so that we can learn and grow in our Faith. The question that we
ask ourselves is – are we willing to trust Him?

Peace, Prayers & All Good Things,
Fr. Charles