Our Catholic Appeal October Update

2022 OCA Goal:

Amount Pledged as of October 23, 2022:

Question: At the end of the 11 month parishioner pledge system, when the O.C.A. Goal of a Parish has been paid – and a Parish goes over their O.C.A. Appeal Goal – what happens to any over-goal dollars (overage)?

Answer: There is a ’share formula’ in place that disperses any overage that may be accrued at the end of the O.C.A. Appeal time period – after the Parish goal is attained and paid off:

1/3 of overage goes to Parish for needs that wish to be addressed. We would use it to help supplement
the school costs associated with our growing and expanding ’Mini’ Faith Formation Programs.

1/3 of overage will be put into an Endowment Fund for Saint Cabrini Parish (managed by The Catholic
Foundation of Central Florida) where annual interest accrued can be used for Parish endeavors.

1/3 of overage will be contributed to an Endowment Fund (managed by the Catholic Foundation of
Central Florida) to support housing for retired priests in our Diocese.