Father Charles’ OCA Message 2022

My Dear Sisters & Brothers in Christ, We are recognizing February 5/6 as Announcement Weekend for the 2022-23 Our Catholic Appeal (O.C.A.), – where we hear and see the many blessings that come to light in this parishioner and parish based sacrificial gift to the Diocese in which we live and serve.

Through the generosity of all of us working together, the Diocese of Orlando (9 Counties, 79 Parishes, 11 Missions, 2 Basilicas – and through their many Programs & Ministries mentioned in last week’s bulletin) is able to be successful in assisting those in need with essential physical and spiritual tools with which to survive in a world that is both beautiful and challenging.

Although O.C.A. benefits people, parishes, and situations that go far and wide, I can share firsthand the tremendous support given
to us at Saint Cabrini as we continue to work together in establishing and growing a new Community of Faith that ministers to Lake Nona
and the surrounding area.

Back in 2019, and even through today, we are greatly assisted by Bishop Noonan and his wonderful team of professionals in
addressing the many pieces that are necessary for formation and development. I regularly rely on them to give me direction, ideas, and
solutions to many issues that arise when beginning a Parish from the ground roots – up. Their ministry & department leaders, that are also
supported by O.C.A., provide us the resources we need in training and directing all phases of life at Saint Cabrini.

Next weekend we will have a very important opportunity for each and every one of us to make a pledge, through a monthly gift of
sacrifice, to continue these good works for another year and allow the Church in central Florida (and Saint Cabrini) to flourish as it reaches
out to address needs and resolve them.

The envelope you receive should be taken home, prayed over as a biological and Church family, and filled out and returned February 12th & 13th, 2022 with evidence that you want to see success and advancement continue in helping your Parish reach its goal of $53,901.00. Some may have received something in the mail, which you can fill out and return (just make sure that Saint Cabrini is the Parish that gets credit
for your gift

We are striving for 100% participation.

If you would like to find out more, please visit the Catholic Foundation’s Website gives transparent information and giving options.

On behalf of everyone here at Saint Frances Xavier Cabrini Catholic Church, I say “Thanks” in making a monthly sacrificial pledge (or
one-time gift) that will keep the Blessings going!

To those who, for a variety of reasons, may not be able to participate, I ask you to please
keep the success of your Parish in your prayers.

Peace & All Good Things,
Fr. Charles